Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tony Moly CC Cushion Review

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Hello guys! Welcome me back for another review of this CC Cushion from Tony Moly. I have been a fan of cushions because they are easy to apply. I promised myself that I would try as many cushion as I can. This is the second product that I tried and much more expensive than the Maybelline cushion. If you are looking for a cushion that is suitable for everyday use, and if your skin is fair, this is definitely your go-to product. It has a medium coverage and a dewy effect on skin. I doesn't cover imperfections so this is for people with light-fair skintone. I love how this product creates a korean effect on my skin. (This is a korean product) I know right! 

 A CC cream cushion infused with a serum base and glacier water for a dewy, natural finish (P1,198). I got the natural beige. The mirror is also big and it covers the entire face.

The texture of this product is very creamy, blendable but it is very pale. It has a luminous consistency which gives the skin a glowy and dewy effect. It can be used alone but there are times when I set this with a powder for a matte finish. And if your skin is oily, a little powder won't hurt.

The packaging is nice. The compact has the standard push-button closure with the air puff applicator.

The inside of this is actually different. It has a cloth-like mesh that is elastic unlike others that has a sponge on them. The mesh controls how much product is dispensed.

Overall I give this CC cushion a two thumbs up but I can only recommend this to those who are looking for a very pale colored CC cream. The mesh cushion is my favorite part of this product because it makes all the difference compared to the sponged cushions. I won't purchase this again because I will try another brand.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Ginger Lemon Tea

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Hello my dear readers! I'm back and let's get this new year a healthy start! 
Admit it or not, we have overeaten this past holiday season. It's a good excuse for being unhealthy and being fat. And while most of us are considering hitting the gym to loose some unwanted fats, here is a simple tea recipe that I always drink to give my immune system a boost.
It's so easy to prepare with just few ingredients. Here's how:

4 cups filtered water
2- to 3- inch piece ginger, sliced
Juice of 1 large lemon (or more, to taste)
Sweetener of choice 
Slices of fresh lemon 

Combine the water and ginger in a large saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Add the lemon juice and let steep at least 20 minutes; 30 minutes is even better.

Listed here are the reason why we should take it. Source: Vegkitchen.com
  • It Boosts Your Immune System: On top of the list of benefits of ginger lemon tea is its ability to strengthen your immunity. This is due to the presence of high levels of anti-oxidants in ginger. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C which can heal wounds and preserve the strength of bones and teeth. In the onset of cold and flu, the ginger lemon tea can act as an effective anti-biotic. The bioflavonoids that lemons contain help to prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading. The anti-oxidants in the lemons help in reducing inflammation and arthritis symptoms. The powerful anti-oxidants can reduce free radicals in the body. Ginger also increases blood circulation in the body that is vital for optimum health. 

  • It Brings Instant Relief From Nausea and Indigestion: Vomiting and nausea usually occur as symptoms of a body disorder. Ginger lemon tea provides the best relief mechanism. Moreover, if you have a motion sickness tendency, you can drink a cup of ginger lemon tea prior to travel to prevent nausea. It can also help cure the vomiting related to chemotherapy and pregnancy, which is a relief during that period. It eases the pain and uneasiness of an upset stomach. The ginger and lemon in the tea lowers the chances of heartburn and indigestion. It causes the food to be better absorbed by the body and prevents belching and bloating after eating too much. It improves your appetite as well. 

  • It Lowers The Effects Of Diabetes: New research has thrown light upon the fact that drinking ginger lemon tea on a daily basis can reduce kidney damage that occurs due to the effects of diabetes. The high levels of zinc found in ginger play a prime role in the production and secretion of insulin. It is the insulin that controls the blood sugar levels and keeps diabetes in check. Other harmful effects of diabetes like blood pressure, heart problems and so on can be countered by the anti-oxidants present in the drink. 

  • It Is Your One-Stop-Drink To Perfect Skin And Great Hair: As mentioned above, ginger lemon tea is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins which are beneficial for perfect skin, hair and health. The beverage helps in improving your digestion and guides you towards smooth and flawless skin. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties protect your skin from infections. For strong and beautiful hair, ginger lemon tea provides you a natural aid. Vitamin A and C are recommended in plenty for those with hair issues, as they combat the production of DHT in the scalp that in turn triggers hair growth. A vitamin and anti-oxidant rich drink like ginger lemon tea will help you overcome hair problems in an absolute natural and simple way. 

  • It Is The Apt Drink For Weight Loss: High blood sugar levels trigger cravings for carbohydrates and fatty foods. Ginger helps to normalize these sugar levels which otherwise can affect your ability to lose weight or eat healthy food. Ginger also improves fat absorption and prevents it from accumulating in the body. Both ginger and lemon have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammations and enhance the activity of the liver that helps in shedding those extra pounds. The smell of lemons reduces stress causing an increase in metabolism and proper organ function that can help in weight loss.