Monday, March 27, 2017

Pan De Amerikana: A Unique Place to Dine

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Pan De Amerikana is a bakery-restaurant located in Marikina with an amazing setting to eat in. I have been to this place for several times already. The main reason why I always visit this restaurant is not the food itself but the unique interior of the place. I'm not saying that the food is terrible, in fact, they have the best tasting pandesal and ensaymada in town. Their menu is not out of the ordinary but the place is worth visiting I tell you. It is kinda rustic place with elegance and I would say that it is a tourist destination for curious visitors like me. The whole place is good for photo shoots or if you just want a different kind of dining experience. So before you visit the place, don't forget to bring your camera.

This barrel faucet is so cool I want to take it home

The place is like a museum! 

Their faucet and sinks are so old looking but pretty! 

You can actually play with this giant chess board

This old kalesa is perfect place to take your fb profile pic!

I feel like I'm in a different time zone

They have pictures of Filipino actors and actresses hanging on their wall.

I ordered this platter good for 2-3 persons. I also ordered the pumpkin soup and the crispy mushroom which is by the way the best in their menu.

So guys, if you are looking for a unique place to dine, Pan De Amerikana is the perfect place to go. Don't expect the food to be exemplary, it's just enough to satisfy your hunger. But for the cheap price, you can't really complain.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shopping at BeautyMNL

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Hello loves! Welcome me back for a blogging assignment in collaboration with BeautyMNL! An online beauty destination  for makeup and skincare lovers. I was lucky enough to be handpicked and give the site a test run. Who wouldn't say yes to this amazing opportunity! This site is a dream for a beauty junkie like me.

The website
I am already a member of the site and I have been shopping for some beauty products from them for quite some time now, so clicking and finding the haul was a bit easy for me. The website is user-friendly, organized, and easy to navigate. 

The Shop
My most favorite part of the site is the SHOP. BeautyMNL carries over 300+ of brands. They have high-end and affordable products so whether you're on a splurge or you're on a tight budget, BeautyMNL has something for you. They have a wide range of skincare and makeup products from popular and start-up brands. They also have accessories like watches and jewelries.

Payments and Shipping
They accept credit card payments, and bank deposits. They use a very secure payment facility which is Paypal so you are worry-free when checking out. They also have the "(COD) cash on delivery" option for Metro Manila residents which makes online shopping more convenient for people who don't have credit cards. They offer free shipping for orders P2000 and above. And yes, they have the FASTEST delivery service in history of online shopping. They live up to their promise of next-day shipping if you live in the Metro. Impressive by the way.

Their Way of Messaging
Also my favorite is the fun and cool way of  contacting their customers, from the moment you receive order confirmation till your package delivery. Their emails are not so formal like other online shops. Their message warms my heart and make me feel so special. Aside from being polite and friendly, Manong delivery was also sosyal when texting! Englisero ganun.

Authentic Products!
Yup, all their products are guaranteed authentic. So no worries when shopping for high-end products because you are getting what you paid for. 

Now let me share to you my haul from the website. I picked several items from their skincare line and I added some makeup too. 

Down below are the links of the products that I picked. I will post individual reviews very soon.

BLOOM the Magazine
BeautyMNL is more than just a shop! They also have an online magazine where you can read articles, reviews and tips from beauty bloggers and celebrities.

Review Section
BeautyMNL has their own review section where buyers can check if the product actually works or not. Very helpful in deciding if the product is worth adding to your cart!

Overall, my shopping experience with BeautyMNL was a breeze. I felt valued as a customer and it's really a fun and hassle free online shopping. I must say that I am very satisfied, two thumbs up! Thank you BeautyMNL for this opportunity! I will be shopping for more in the future.

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