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Washi: Too Cute for Words

Thursday, June 28, 2012 2 Comments
I'm obsessed with washi tapes nowadays. I've been dying to decorate using them but can't really find time and the energy to look for craft stores and buy supplies. Ahh my day job is consuming much of my time and I feel like a slacker when it comes to my hobbies. I wish I could duplicate myself to do the things I love. Anyway, here are some washi craft ideas that I gathered while swiping the net

washi laptop from her new leaf

washi home decor
washi coaster from design dreams japan

dotted walls from fellow fellow

Washi has endless possibilities, it only needs your creativity and the inner girl in you to create the cutest projects.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Trend Report: Print on Print

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I remember during my teenage year when I hear advices not to wear print on prints. But times has certainly changed, print-on-print trend has become the hottest among fashion runways and of course, among my favorite fashion bloggers.

Kryz Uy in floral prints
Laureen Uy in animal prints
Camille Co in tribal prints
Tricia Gosingtian in floral prints

Who wore them best?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Date a Girl Who Tweets

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I love tweeting. In fact, twitter is the first site that I open every morning. I found twitter very informative, from news, gossips, entertainment, fashion and what's trending, real time. So while reading my timeline, I read this article from Philippine Star. It's cute and amusing.

photo from the tweet diva

Date a girl who tweets. And please, follow her. Even better, follow her before she follows you. She will be happy when she learns about that, and she will let the world know about it, but you will never be sure that it’s because of you. She will either tweet a cryptic happy statement or RT the @DalaiLama (e.g. “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”). She will quote Steve Jobs right after, so she’ll confuse you. But really, trust me, that’s still about you.

Date a girl who tweets. She knows a lot. She knows about the Miami-Oklahoma Finals, and she’ll RT @nba like a real true-blue fan. Support her team; you’ll know which one immediately. She’ll remember to shout out her “Go OKCs!” or “Go Heats!” on the day of the game. If you’re lucky, it’ll be on caps lock. She knows about the Smashing Pumpkins concert this August, about the violence in Syria and the elections in Greece, about Uniqlo, Girls, and that author’s death. Suddenly, he’s her favorite author, and she’s really affected by his death. Cry with her, console her, send her a virtual hug. (It’s (((H))), by the way.) Don’t worry, it won’t take too long; she’ll be all right after 10 minutes. She just finished downloading Game of Thrones.
She not only knows a lot, she has a lot to say about each of them, too. Find her opinions on her Twitter feed. Her thoughts on the Pacquiao-Bradley fight? The CJ trial? The Bayo ad? They’re there. Her thoughts on Independence Day? Prometheus? Traffic sa EDSA? Taxi drivers who ask for additional charge? Raining too hard? Her plane to Hong Kong being three hours delayed? They’re all there. If you’re lucky, they’ll come with #justsayin or #IMHO. It will save you time. Be careful about putting her on the spot. Give her time to compose her thoughts. Be patient, she’s still Googling them.

Date a girl who tweets, because she’s so “cool” and “witty” and “lives life to the fullest,” and sometimes, you can even quote her on that. She tweets that she just booked tickets to this beautiful island and this Asian city and that European destination, she’s so #excited! She tweets that she really, really, really wants to read 50 Shades of Grey, she’s so #excited to buy the book! (She said that aboutHunger Games and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, too, by the way. She never tweeted about actually starting to read them though.) She tweets about watching the Snow Patrol in August, she’s so #excited! She’s trying surfing next month, and paragliding the month after, and probably glassblowing the month after that, she’s yeah, so #excited! (She’s so excited, she might even forget to do all of those come next month.) She’s witty, too: you can RT her tweets. In fact, she’ll most likely RT your RT, too. She loves that.

Date a girl who tweets, and it will be fairly easy to know if she likes you. She tweets about your dinner and lets Foursquare know about it. She posts a mysterious one- to three-word tweet that has kilig written all over it. She posts a picture of your “heavenly Angus beef steak with yummy mashed potato on the side” with you in the background. If she likes you a lot, she might include herself in the picture, too. She quotes sweet lines from a song that’s #nowplaying, and when her friend asks her what’s up, she says, “Oh, nothing, I just remembered this song,” you know it’s because of you. She RTs romantic film quotes. Pray it’s @Notebook; that would be a dead giveaway.

Of course, it also isn’t hard to know if she hates your guts. If you really broke her heart, she will let her followers know. That includes you, obviously. She will RT quotes on karma (not @DalaiLama’s good karma). She will post tweets on how some people can be “very rude and so full of themselves na feeling ang gwapo-gwapo nila na God’s gift to women when in reality, they’re nothing but douchebags with the maturity level of a three-year-old! You #jerk!” If you’re lucky, she will cross-post it on her Facebook and Tumblr. She will not mention you, don’t worry — her friends will. You will be tormented by DMs from her angry BFFs. You will be forced to unfollow her and her friends, and the @DalaiLama. You will be out of Twitter until she finally moves on. It will be quite a while, you bastard.

So yeah, better date a girl who reads.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dye-ing Your Locks

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Bright and bold have been a huge hair color trend this year. But it’s not something anyone can pull off just to match your personality and style. Picking the perfect color for your hair can be tricky and risky.
Many celebrities have tried the bright dyes, washes of pastels and dip-dye. Here are some of the looks.

Hayley in orange

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Big N Tasty

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   I'm pretty sure most of you heard about this...Mc Donalds Big N Tasty burger! Tada!

Let's start my first food post about this yummy and limited treat from my favorite food chain. Celebrities have been talking a lot about it on twitter, the usual curious me (just like when magnum ice cream was launched on twitter) so here na naman me making gaya. hahaha. But honestly I would eat at Mcdo for at least twice or ok..minsan daily. Bilang favorite ko ang chicken nuggets nila at may Mcdo na malapit sa bahay at ofis ko.

Ok. The big and tasty burger has the same patty like the quarter pounder, meron din shredded lettuce, dill pickles, tomato and a slice of american cheese. Eto ang bongga mga teh: ang Smokey Sauce! which is made exclusively for the big n tasty daw. Ang saraaap! kakaiba at nkklk ang lasa.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

DIY Nail Art

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I love coloring my nails. I usually color my nails with plain colors only coz I don't really know how to put designs on it especially the complicated ones. While sweeping the net, I came across this blog post and I think I could do these designs.

So cute isn't it? Easy to try for a beginner like me.

my colorful nails

Hopefully on my next post, I'll be rocking not just the plain nails

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