Big N Tasty

by - Monday, June 18, 2012

   I'm pretty sure most of you heard about this...Mc Donalds Big N Tasty burger! Tada!

Let's start my first food post about this yummy and limited treat from my favorite food chain. Celebrities have been talking a lot about it on twitter, the usual curious me (just like when magnum ice cream was launched on twitter) so here na naman me making gaya. hahaha. But honestly I would eat at Mcdo for at least twice or ok..minsan daily. Bilang favorite ko ang chicken nuggets nila at may Mcdo na malapit sa bahay at ofis ko.

Ok. The big and tasty burger has the same patty like the quarter pounder, meron din shredded lettuce, dill pickles, tomato and a slice of american cheese. Eto ang bongga mga teh: ang Smokey Sauce! which is made exclusively for the big n tasty daw. Ang saraaap! kakaiba at nkklk ang lasa.

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