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L.A. Girl Fineline Long Lasting Fine-Tip Liquid EyeLiner Review

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I am a person who sucks at doing my eyeliner. I get frustrated each time I put them on and getting a perfect line is too much of a challenge. I watched too many tutorials and hacks on YouTube already hoping to find the right eyeliner for me. 

Photo not mine. CTTO


L.A. Girl Fineline Long Lasting Fine-Tip Liquid EyeLiner.

Precision and pigmentation in one little pen, the LA Girl Fineline Liner is on it’s own level. The flexible felt tip and long lasting, smudge-resistant formula is just what your eyes need in a liquid liner. Get a crisp clean line from it’s smooth, non-dragging and even application, perfect for beginners practicing a cat eye or pros trying out a new graphic liner trend.

Liquid liners are used for their precision, and usually come in tubes with a small brush, or “pen-style” with brush tips. They can take some time to dry after applying.


I purchased this liquid eyeliner at Sm Department Store for P299. At first use, I find it really easy to apply and glides smoothly on my eyes. I also love the tip because it's flexible and precise. But after a couple of uses, the tip stopped being fine and it dried like no ink is coming out. I found so many positive reviews about this liner but I don't know why I got the "low-quality" one. Like seriously? The pen liner I bought from Divisoria for P60 pesos is way way better than this. I had high expectation but it's just so disappointing when it fails.  I would not recommend this eyeliner to you guys. Total waste of money. But I use the pen as gel liner applicator though.

What liquid liners are you using right now? Any recommendations?

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One thing that a Financial Advisor should do is to educate clients about types of investments that are available in the market. One of which is the UITF.

A Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is an open-ended pooled trust fund denominated in pesos or any acceptable currency, which is operated and administered by a trust entity and made available by participation. Each UITF product is governed by a Declaration of Trust (or Plan Rules) which contains the investment objectives of the UITF as well as the mechanics for investing, operating and administering the fund.

Most UITFs are considered medium to long term investments. Clients considering to invest in UITFs must have the financial resources to stay invested in them for a reasonable period of time in order to maximize earnings potentials. If the funds to be invested will be needed by the client in the immediate future, the UITFs may not be a suitable investment vehicle for such client. - SOURCE:

In tagalog, ang UITF ay kagaya din ng mutual fund na pinagsama samang pera ng mga investors at mina manage ng fund managers. Ito ay karaniwang ino-offer ng mga bangko. Maaari kang mag invest sa UITF ng P10,000 or P1,000 thru EIP or easy investment plan.

In a UITF, the value of each participating unit or Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU) is a reflection of the current market prices of the instruments that make up the UITF.

Pwedeng mag invest sa UITF ang sinuman basta nasa legal age. Any person, association, corporation, entity or firm who/which has the legal capacity to contract or establish a trust may invest in a UITF product. It works basically like mutual funds.

One important thing to remember though when investing in UITF is that there will be fees, documentary stamps, taxes and specific bank terms and conditions that we have to consider.

I have invested in BDO's Equity Fund. So far, the fund is performing quite well. Daily NAVpu is available on their website.

Always remember: It's not about how much money you make, It's how you save it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Isla Una Experience

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Isla Una is a newly opened restaurant in Pasig which serves authentic Filipino dishes. It's a 3-storey building perfect for a family gathering, a date or a drinking session. The ambiance is nice but I didn't have the chance to take pictures of the entire place since we just occupied the first floor. 

Our unit in Prulife UK decided to have lunch at the place for our weekly huddle. 

Star Unit family! PRULIFE UK Financial Advisors!



Tsitsaron Bulaklak



Bagoong Rice

Pinoy churros

Ginataang Kuhol

Crispy Pata

Overall, it was a great dining experience but the food is not extraordinary, it's something you can find in your dining table. The price is reasonable and the place is cozy so I would definitely go back to try other dishes.

Isla Una
City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue,
Ugong, Pasig City

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Biore Cleansing Oil Review

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Hello everyone! Today, I'm going to review this product that I regularly use to remove my makeup. The Biore Cleansing Oil everyone is talking about....

Using makeup regularly can make our skin dull so it is very important to cleanse our skin before we go to sleep. I've tried so many makeup removers but they just made my skin dry cause they contain alcohol. I'm so glad I found this makeup remover that suits my skin. I'm not a heavy makeup user so this product is just right for me.

Let's talk first about the main component of this product which is mineral oil. Mineral oil is a colorless and odorless oil that's made from petroleum—as a by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. It's long been used as a common ingredient in lotions, creams, ointments, and cosmetics. It's lightweight and inexpensive, and helps reduce water loss from the skin.

According to the package, Biore Cleansing Oil is an oil-based  makeup remover from Japan and has excellent cleansing ability that makes makeup removal quick and easy!

Suitable for medium to heavy makeup users, it effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities. Unlike typical oil makeup removers, it does not emulsify upon contact with water thus maintaining its optimal cleansing performance at all times.

* No greasy or sticky feeling on skin after use.
* Gentle and mild on skin.
* Refreshing fragrance.


1. Apply an appropriate amount of cleansing oil onto face and massage gently to dissolve makeup.
2. When makeup and facial dirt have dissolved, rinse thoroughly with water.


P299 - Watsons/SM Department Store

Biore Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover! I love the purple packaging and the apple scent

My hand with foundation on before using Biore Cleansing Oil

Once it touches your makeup, It lifts away the gunk and dirt from your skin!

See the difference? There's no need to use cotton balls or wipes, but here you can see how it takes away the dirt.

I love the pump cover because it prevents the oil from spilling!

Overall, I can say that this product is totally worth the price. Its cleansing ability exceeds my expectations. And it's weird because I don't get the greasy feeling when I rinse it off with water. It was like using a facial cleanser and my skin feels hydrated after using it. #saygoodbyetodirteasily

Have you tried this product yet? If not, make sure to add this to your beauty regimen list. 

Till next post!

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Ways to Earn Extra Money (Sideline)

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Handling your finances well is an important aspect of living a financially free life. Cutting back on expenses is the best remedy that many of us do in order to make both ends meet. No matter what your source of income is, there is a big risk when you rely on a single source. Many people think that a good job is the path to stability, but the reality is that your employer can lay you off anytime. That is why having a back up or another source is very important if we want to maintain our current lifestyle. Time management and a little effort is what you need to make everything work.

I have listed down some ways to make money while doing your 9-5 grind:

1. SELL STUFF ONLINE - My facebook page EVE CO is my main supplemental income for over 5 years now. And I've been earning some extra cash from it while I'm still employed. There are so many stuff you can sell like clothes shoes and bags, all you have to do is find a reliable supplier or you can just resell items from trusted sellers online.
2. CREATE A BLOG - Bloggers nowadays are not just simply running their own personal sites, they are now starring in commercials, campaigns, advertisements and magazine covers. Blogging is a legit business, so why not make it your business too? You can also monetize your blog through Google Adsense.

3. JOIN A DIRECT SELLING COMPANY - Companies like Avon have stood the test of time and they allow you to start your own business for very low capital. Becoming a sales rep for a direct selling company is one of the easiest ways to earn some money, especially if you’re selling something you use and you love. 

4. BE AN AFFILIATE MARKETER - Basically, an affiliate marketer is someone doing promotions for a website and gets a commission from a sale of goods or services. It's a very easy thing to do especially if you are always using social networking sites. One site that offers affiliate marketing is the YiLinker, you get paid by sharing the links and through successful purchases from your links.

5. BE A FINANCIAL ADVISOR - Yes, being a Financial Advisor earns you a lot of money if you are dedicated to the job! It doesn't need to be a full-time job but needs your full time commitment. Read my post HERE.

There are lot more ways to earn if you are creative, always be on the look for opportunities. Don't be lazy and life will reward you with success!

Always remember: It's not about how much money you make, It's how you save it!

Till my next post loves!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Snoe Digital Foundation Review: Don't Worry Bee Happy in Ivory

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After a long absence ladies, here I am again woah!

I don't always update this blog but when I do, it must be something important or at least something that caught my attention. What??

Introducing my new found beauty armour, the Snoe digital foundation! It's a local brand from the Philippines which carries beauty products in a wide variety. Their product line is quite expensive but totally worth it. This product retails at Php1399. Works wonders on my skin. Promise.

Kung nakakaluwag-luwag kayo mga bes, bili na!

Description from their website:

Gives you a camera ready complexion with a stunning feather light texture. The light weight formula conceals blemishes and softens the appearance of facial lines for natural, radiant glow. This digital foundation also treats your skin like a queen bee with amazing ingredients like bee venom and probiotics. So go ahead. Take that picture-perfect shot!
Bee-auty Ingredients:
Bee Veenom-it 'fools' the skin into thinking that it has been lightly stung with the toxin melittin. This causes the body to direct blood towards the area and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to smooth,lift and tighten the skin.
Fermented kefir- a natural antioxidant. It keeps the skin youthful and glowing. It helps prevent acne,psoriasis and wrinkles.
Probiotics Lactobacilli- add 'friendly' bacteria to the cells that improve the skin's protective mechanism against stress-induced environmental damage. By helping to protect the cells,skin remains elastic, resillient and immune to inflammation.
Ingredients: Deionized Water, Squalene,, Dioctyl Carbonate,Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Cyclomethicone,Cetyl Palmitate, Shea Butter,Cyclomethicone (and) Dimethicone Copolymer, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Beeswax, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin E, Kluyveromyces (Kefir) (and) Lactobacillus (and) Lactococcus (and) Leuconostoc (and) Saccharomyces,Milk Ferment Filtrate, Bee Venom, Fragrance. May contain (+/-): Titanium Dioxide C177891, Iron Oxides C177499, C177491,C177492, Carmine C175470,Chromium Oxide Green C177288  
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