Biore Cleansing Oil Review

by - Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hello everyone! Today, I'm going to review this product that I regularly use to remove my makeup. The Biore Cleansing Oil everyone is talking about....

Using makeup regularly can make our skin dull so it is very important to cleanse our skin before we go to sleep. I've tried so many makeup removers but they just made my skin dry cause they contain alcohol. I'm so glad I found this makeup remover that suits my skin. I'm not a heavy makeup user so this product is just right for me.

Let's talk first about the main component of this product which is mineral oil. Mineral oil is a colorless and odorless oil that's made from petroleum—as a by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. It's long been used as a common ingredient in lotions, creams, ointments, and cosmetics. It's lightweight and inexpensive, and helps reduce water loss from the skin.

According to the package, Biore Cleansing Oil is an oil-based  makeup remover from Japan and has excellent cleansing ability that makes makeup removal quick and easy!

Suitable for medium to heavy makeup users, it effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities. Unlike typical oil makeup removers, it does not emulsify upon contact with water thus maintaining its optimal cleansing performance at all times.

* No greasy or sticky feeling on skin after use.
* Gentle and mild on skin.
* Refreshing fragrance.


1. Apply an appropriate amount of cleansing oil onto face and massage gently to dissolve makeup.
2. When makeup and facial dirt have dissolved, rinse thoroughly with water.


P299 - Watsons/SM Department Store

Biore Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover! I love the purple packaging and the apple scent

My hand with foundation on before using Biore Cleansing Oil

Once it touches your makeup, It lifts away the gunk and dirt from your skin!

See the difference? There's no need to use cotton balls or wipes, but here you can see how it takes away the dirt.

I love the pump cover because it prevents the oil from spilling!

Overall, I can say that this product is totally worth the price. Its cleansing ability exceeds my expectations. And it's weird because I don't get the greasy feeling when I rinse it off with water. It was like using a facial cleanser and my skin feels hydrated after using it. #saygoodbyetodirteasily

Have you tried this product yet? If not, make sure to add this to your beauty regimen list. 

Till next post!

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