L.A. Girl Fineline Long Lasting Fine-Tip Liquid EyeLiner Review

by - Friday, September 30, 2016

I am a person who sucks at doing my eyeliner. I get frustrated each time I put them on and getting a perfect line is too much of a challenge. I watched too many tutorials and hacks on YouTube already hoping to find the right eyeliner for me. 

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L.A. Girl Fineline Long Lasting Fine-Tip Liquid EyeLiner.

Precision and pigmentation in one little pen, the LA Girl Fineline Liner is on it’s own level. The flexible felt tip and long lasting, smudge-resistant formula is just what your eyes need in a liquid liner. Get a crisp clean line from it’s smooth, non-dragging and even application, perfect for beginners practicing a cat eye or pros trying out a new graphic liner trend.

Liquid liners are used for their precision, and usually come in tubes with a small brush, or “pen-style” with brush tips. They can take some time to dry after applying.


I purchased this liquid eyeliner at Sm Department Store for P299. At first use, I find it really easy to apply and glides smoothly on my eyes. I also love the tip because it's flexible and precise. But after a couple of uses, the tip stopped being fine and it dried like no ink is coming out. I found so many positive reviews about this liner but I don't know why I got the "low-quality" one. Like seriously? The pen liner I bought from Divisoria for P60 pesos is way way better than this. I had high expectation but it's just so disappointing when it fails.  I would not recommend this eyeliner to you guys. Total waste of money. But I use the pen as gel liner applicator though.

What liquid liners are you using right now? Any recommendations?

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