Friday, September 30, 2011

Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer

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With thousands of women succumbing to breast cancer every year, it is no surprise
that the condition remains to be the top killer of Filipino women. Anyone can easily fall prey
to this deadly disease—making it every individual’s responsibility to support the fight against breast cancer.
Avon, the foremost corporate advocate of this disease, continues to invite everyone
to be a positive part of the fight to save women’s lives with its annual Kiss Goodbye
to Breast Cancer
 fundraising event. Since its Philippine launch in 2002, it has been
Avon KGBC’s mission to help provide access to care and support to medically under-served women.
To Join: Simply purchase the 2011 KGBC T-shirt that comes with a kiss bag tag for only Php220.
For every shirt you buy, P20 will be donated to the PGH Breast Cancer Center and selected provincial hospitals.

Avon WALK and RUN Date: October 2, 2011. WALK locations: SM MOA Open Grounds, SM Naga, SM Lipa, Cabanatuan, Tacloban, SM Davao. RUN location: SM MOA Open Grounds (5K and 10K).



Monday, September 26, 2011

Engagement Chicken Recipe

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It all began 26 years ago, when then-Glamour fashion editor Kim Bonnell gave the recipe to her assistant, Kathy Suder, who made the chicken for her boyfriend, who, a month later, asked her to marry him. “It’s a meal your wife would make. It got me thinking,” says Jon Suder, who now has three children with Kathy. Details of the simple dish passed from assistant to assistant like a culinary chain letter. When Bonnell heard that her recipe had inspired three weddings, she named it Engagement Chicken. 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pansit Bato

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Camarines Sur is not only famous for its Caramoan Islands and Water Sports facilities, It is also the home of the famous Pancit Bato. It is named after the town where they are made. Pancit Bato is cooked with soy sauce, fish sauce and a dash of Knorr Liquid Seasoning. My sister went to Bicol last week and gave me Pancit Bato as her pasalubong.

Kinunot Recipe

Sunday, September 25, 2011 0 Comments
Kinunot is a Bicolano delicacy usually made of Manta Ray (pagi) or Shark (pating) with Malunggay, Coconut Milk and Sili. Believe me, this dish is just soooo YUMMY if you know how to prepare it right.

pagi or page? whatever basta P100 per kilo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Michelle Phan, I sooo love her!

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Michelle Phan is a youtube sensation known for her make-up tutorials. She is also known for her video styles that incorporates her voice-over instruction with music and text subtitles.  I spend so many nights watching her videos and I never get sick of them. One of my favorite video is her "Barbie Transformation Tutorial"