Isla Una Experience

by - Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Isla Una is a newly opened restaurant in Pasig which serves authentic Filipino dishes. It's a 3-storey building perfect for a family gathering, a date or a drinking session. The ambiance is nice but I didn't have the chance to take pictures of the entire place since we just occupied the first floor. 

Our unit in Prulife UK decided to have lunch at the place for our weekly huddle. 

Star Unit family! PRULIFE UK Financial Advisors!



Tsitsaron Bulaklak



Bagoong Rice

Pinoy churros

Ginataang Kuhol

Crispy Pata

Overall, it was a great dining experience but the food is not extraordinary, it's something you can find in your dining table. The price is reasonable and the place is cozy so I would definitely go back to try other dishes.

Isla Una
City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue,
Ugong, Pasig City

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