Reasons Why You Should Become A Financial Consultant

by - Thursday, September 15, 2016

Being a financial consultant has many challenges and rewards at the same time. I have been connected to Prulife UK since April 2016. We, as financial consultant aims to educate people and make you fully informed on how to be FINANCIALLY FREE!

Here are some good reasons why you should be a financial consultant:

1.Unlimited Income Opportunity

The real road to prosperity is being in a career that allows you to earn limitless income. You surely can’t get this in a 9 to 5 job that pays you the same amount every month. In Pru Life UK, we will help you build your own business. And we know too well how risky and expensive building a business is from ground up. But with us, you only need to take care of two things – selling and managing your people. No more administrative, accounting and marketing tasks for solopreneurs like you. With Pru Life UK, you may now focus on the essential tasks while the company takes care of the rest. With Pru Life UK, you can earn millions without spending millions.

2. Time and Location Freedom

Tired of joining the "Commuters of Manila" every rush hour every day? Tired of dealing with your difficult boss and enduring office politics? Been dreaming about working at your favourite café anytime you want? You have come to the right place. Being a financial consultant with Pru Life UK gives you the freedom to choose when and where you want to meet your clients. No more forcing the nocturnal people to wake up early in the morning when they are more creative and more productive towards the night. With Pru Life UK, you will even have more time for your family and friends. Gone are the days when professionals are limited to just 8-hour working days.

3. Travel Incentives

Do you want to see the world? In Pru Life UK, we send our achievers to different countries almost every quarter. In a year, a single achiever may be able to visit at least 10 countries. How cool is that? Some financial consultants had even able to set foot on all the continents in the world and some were even able to do it with their families. If you love to travel – with world-class accommodations and for free at that – you have arrived to the right destination.

4. Lifelong Career and Mission

As a young person, we may not be able to recognize this need this early but as we age, we will anticipatingly look deeper into the meaning of what we do. With Pru Life UK, we have the opportunity to help other people by using the power of financial planning in preparing for things that will happen in their lives. Death, disability and disease happen. And dreams, too. With Pru Life UK, the pioneer of investment linked insurance policies in the Philippines, we may already offer insurance products that come along with investment units. These products prepare our clients for death, disability and diseases. These also allow them to prepare for their dreams such as retirement, children education and medium to long term savings.

5. Awards and Recognition

Do you believe in giving intrinsic rewards to individuals who are willing to go the extra mile for the organization? In Pru Life UK, we are not only giving monetary and travel rewards for our achievers, we have more ways than one to make them feel honoured and appreciated. There are countless promos, bonuses and incentives available to everyone monthly and quarterly. High achievers also have the opportunity to be published in top broadsheets in the land as well as attend the prestigious annual awards night.

6. Meaningful Relationships

Is creating meaningful relationships with other people important to you? In Pru Life UK, meeting as many people as we can is the heart of our business. As financial consultants, we want to provide solutions for our clients and for their families. We can only do that excellently if we have a heart that is willing to listen and help.

7. Opportunity to Help Other Breadwinners

Are you a breadwinner who also wants to reach out to other breadwinners? In Pru Life UK, our hearts go to the breadwinners whom their families depend on. As a financial consultant, we not only have the capacity to help our own families, we also have the opportunity to help others through our quality insurance products and also through our wonderful business opportunity for aspiring financial consultants.


1. Can I do the business part-time?

Yes. In Pru Life UK, you can allow yourself to be tagged as a part-timer or a full-timer. Eventually, we will encourage you to become a full-timer once you have achieved your goals. We do this so that you can have the time to focus on servicing your clients.

2. Do we have a quota?

Although we don’t have a quota under the company per se, we have a required minimum sales per year as mandated by the Insurance Commission. We are required to reach at least PhP 250,000 worth of annual premiums in sales per year. This is highly achievable though.

3. How do we become financial consultants?

To become financial consultants, we require you to do four things. First, attend the Build Your Business (BYB) event with us. This event is scheduled every Monday and Thursday (except during the last week of every month) in Makati and Ortigas areas, respectively. The event starts at 6:00 pm.

Second, after attending the BYB event, you will undergo the weeklong training. There are day and night trainings in Makati and Ortigas offices of Pru Life UK. Day trainings begin at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. Night trainings begin at 6:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm.

Third, after the training, you will have to take the exam under the Insurance Commission. You may take both exams – variable and traditional. Variable pertains to the license that shall allow you to sell insurance with investment. Traditional pertains to the license that shall allow you to sell the old kind of insurance – without investment.

Fourth and last, you will have to undergo an in-house training under the Emerald branch, our branch in Ortigas, while we are waiting for the result of your exam and getting your agent code.

4. Are there fees to be paid?

Weeklong training fee is PhP 300. Variable License is PhP 1,500. Traditional License is also PhP 1,500. These licenses are valid for 3 years.

5. Do we have salaries as financial consultants?

None. We only earn through commissions for every sale that we close. There are tons of promos and bonuses monthly and quarterly that you can enjoy.

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  1. Hello,

    With regards to item #2, What will happen if you don't meet the required annual sales/ "quota"? Thanks

    1. It's ok if you don't meet the quota, as long as you have submitted 1 or 2 cases within a year, you won't get de-listed. But as I have said, P250,000 is highly achievable.


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