Belgian Whitening Cosmetics Teeth Whitener Wash Review

by - Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So, I've been MIA for quite a while now (again). Been so busy with the upcoming holidays and my new business venture. Here's a quick review of my new found product...

Teeth whitening products are very popular nowadays. And I'm one of those who are very obsessed with pearly white teeth but can't afford teeth whitening treatment coz it's way too expensive. I'm a black coffee drinker and stains on my teeth are very visible. And when I saw this product, I decided to give it a whirl. This Whitener Wash costs P299 and it comes in a 100ml bottle.

These pics and product information came from their website copied and pasted (lol!)


When it comes to teeth, there’s a lot of talk about ENAMEL and why we should PROTECT it,
but you never really know why.
Is it to keep your teeth shiny and white? Is it to prevent cavities? Both of these answers are YES,
but there’s an even more important answer: If you don’t take care of your Enamel, your Dentin will become exposed.
If  Enamel is the star of the show, Dentin is the supporting actor. Located beneath your enamel, dentin consists of a sensitive layer of living tissue and tubules that communicate with the nerve of your teeth. When your gums recede and dentin becomes exposed, things that never hurt your teeth before may feel very painful. That’s because the dentinal tubules are allowing things like hot soup or cold ice cream to directly stimulate the nerve in your tooth, which results in the shooting pain we call Tooth Sensitivity.
Now that you know, don’t forget about your DentinTake care of your Enamel by brushing gently, avoiding acidic foods and preventing dry mouth and you will save your Dentin.
White+++ ToothFairy Teeth Whitener Wash” will help you minimize the growth of biofilm gives you immediate results within just few minutes. Your teeth will be lighter, whiter and shiner after each use to give you more confident and brilliant smiles. It cleanses teeth, dentures and inlays and keeps your breath fresh all day.


 White+++ ToothFairy Teeth Whitener Wash
Take 1 spoon of White+++ ToothFairy Teeth Whitener Wash every night after brushing your teeth, gargle in your mouth till you promptly feel a frothy sensation and place the foamy solution in front and back of your teeth for 5-10 minutes and spit out the fluid (Do not swallow).
For best results do not rinse, eat and drink after application. Use White+++ ToothFairy Teeth Whitener Wash up to 5 days successively or until the desired result is achieved and may continue using the product for once or twice in a week to keep your teeth whiter, shiny and bright.

So based from my personal experience after using it for 5 days straight, I didn't see any visible result just yet. Is it because my teeth are so yellow that it needs longer product usage? Or the product is not effective that it didn't work on me? Share with me your experiences guys if you tried this product already.

Merry Christmas! XoXo

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  1. hi otay, i am planning to buy their whitening kit and learned that they have this whitening gargle as well. will try it myself and I'll let yah know :) lhens


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