Lunch at Bahay Kawayan

by - Saturday, July 07, 2012

Taytay has been a part of my life since 2010. I go there twice a week because Taytay is the place where I get supplies for my RTW business. I'm quite familiar with the place now so I decided to explore.

I always pass thru this restaurant called Bahay Kawayan. The parking was always full and the place was  always packed with long queue. I went there Saturday noon and there were lots of diners. So if you want to go, I advise you to call and make reservations.

At bilang bagong sweldo ako, naglakas loob akong pumasok.

The Menu
waiting for my food
crap! my camera went dead just before my order arrived so I had to use my Glam Phone
I ordered for mustasa with salted eggs, but ensaladang mangga was served. No problem
dipping  for the ensalada. yummy!
sinigang na kandule
pritong hito
bagoong alamang with kalamansi and sili
        Okay, don't judge me haha. This is my only meal for the day

My bill totaled P490. Yes, a bit pricey for a kuripot like me but then price is always relative. The food was delicious and I felt that the prices were justified.

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  1. Yummy, pinoy na pinoy ang mga foods, Will try this one thanks for sharing!

  2. Natakam tuloy ako dahil sa itlog na pula na yan. Why oh why do I have to read this at night when all the stores are closed na. haha!

  3. I splurge on food every once in a while just to treat myself. Sarap naman ng mga kinain mo. Very Pinoy talaga.

  4. i want the tortang talong + bagoong + salted eggs, ung isda di ko cla kilala hehe...

    it's ok to spend extra (esp on food) once in a while...

  5. kandule is one of the things my mum cooks for us when she was still around...seeing your post now made me wish i can have some, i used to just ignore it + opt for the more popular dishes when i was younger...

    i've never been to taytay, but hopefully i can visit this place one day! ;)

  6. hmm it looks yumm. I've never tried kandule before.. but that enselada looks really yumm..=)

  7. Pinoy foods :)

    It looks yummy.. But I don't eat fish. :D I try eating one someday.

  8. ohh I love ensalada!!!! I love to eat piniritong isda din:)


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