5 Pinoy Personal Finance Blog that I Follow

by - Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Being a newbie in personal finance is hard. More so, maintaining a wealthy mindset is a struggle. It's a continuous journey of self learning and motivation to keep us in focus. Financial literacy is not just about mindset but a habit of putting our thoughts into action.

Following financial experts and reading their blogs is the easiest way to learn. Learning from people who is "in the know" is a good place to start, and the good news is they are free. Being ignorant is a sin especially in this generation where internet is very accessible.

I'm not related to these blogs or anything guys. This is only based on my personal experience. Here we go: the top 5 blogs that could change your lives....


1. Bo Sanchez - http://www.bosanchez.ph - Aside from being a preacher, he also teaches how to handle money in a Godly way. His blog is an inspiration to all people struggling financially. His words are encouraging and easy to understand. I don't need to explain it any further, just head on to his blog and see for yourself. But I think most of you knows him coz he is pretty popular..

2. Chinkee Tan - https://chinkeetan.com - I have already mentioned in my other post how Chinkee made a great impact in my life. He is the one I look up to when it comes to my financial well-being. I read his blog entries everyday because it feeds me daily motivation to continue on this journey. Filipinos can relate because most of his post are written in tagalog. He conducts seminars on how to be financially successful and also an author of bestselling books. Go read his blog and you might as well have a changed mindset.

3. Fitz Villafuertehttp://fitzvillafuerte.com - This was the first blog that came up when I googled for financial products way back when I was still figuring things out. This blog is very informative because you can find almost every answer to your financial questions. And the readers are very engaged as well in replying to the questions. No wonder this blog is quite popular in search engines.

4. Philpad by Fehl Dungo - http://philpad.com - Same with Fitz Villafuerte, every post is informative and answers so many "how to's". This blog is not just about finance but also about life in general. You can find many useful information like "how to open a bank account". This blog makes life so much easier! Pak ganern

5. My Finance MD by Dr. Pinky De Leon - http://www.myfinancemd.com - I love this blog because the author is a Financial Consultant just like me. I learned so many things about financial planning in her blog especially about how important is Life Insurance in our lives. A medical doctor by profession and a Registered Financial Planner as well. She also writes about taxation and estate planing which is a very complicated topic for me. Reading her blog enlightens me in so many ways. 

Again, as I said before in my previous blog posts, Investing in ourselves is the best investment ever! Do not limit yourself to learning. Read books and blogs to uplift your financial consciousness. Start now and be financially literate!

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