How I Stopped Spending and Started Saving

by - Thursday, October 06, 2016

I'm a hardworking person. I have a day job and still working on part-time jobs (sideline ba). I pay my bills on time, I have no utang and I have a budget but I don't save. Whatever is left from my paycheck goes to "walang kwentang bagay". But that is history now.

Not so long ago, I enjoyed spending money on things that are not necessary, things that I don't really need. Every time I walk into SM department store, I would head for the cosmetic and beauty section to check their new items. From clothes to nail polishes to makeup and accessories. I always end up buying something that's worth my days' salary or more. This is a bad habit that I got from watching YouTube videos and stalking lifestyle of celebrities. It came to a point where the money allotted for groceries and other necessities were spent on cosmetics. My addiction with nail polishes went overboard way back 2014. I spent almost P50,000 on polishes alone. Now they are stacked in one corner and some of them have dried already. Total waste of money.

The negative effect set by social media. Sigh...

I love to post selfies on facebook and instagram, so I need to at least look good on pictures. Through wearing makeup, I began to base my value and self confidence on the number of “likes” and followers I have. Most of us do, right? Sad reality. And yes, a lot of money was spent here and there when I should be putting it to better use like SAVING and INVESTING.

The awakening...
And then one day, my office mate invited me to a fellowship that changed my whole perspective about money and life in general. It was a seminar from Chinkee Tan, a motivational speaker, a wealth and life coach. It was a 2-hour talk that tackles financial freedom and developing a wealthy mindset. Chinkee shared a lot of practical ideas on how to save, how to invest in mutual funds and it was actually the first time I heard about UITF. He is such a good speaker with a great sense of  humor. I went out of the room feeling motivated and wearing a totally changed mindset. 

Here are some important points from Chinkee that everyone should ponder:

List down your long-term goals, wherein you plan ahead as to where to put your finances for, let’s say five, ten, or fifteen years from now. Will you invest it? Save for emergencies? Buy your own house? You will never be able start anything if you only think of the present. You must have a vision of what you want for the future.

Don’t spend more than what you can afford. Never envy your colleagues if they have a different spending habit than you do. Besides, in the long run they will look up to you as an inspiration for being firm in your decision to be financially free in the future “Don’t spend the money that you don’t have. Stick to your budget.”

Oftentimes, our salary quickly disappears as soon as we get it. Then we always wonder where our money went. Monitoring your budget and expenses can help you keep track of the things that are unnecessary and the things than can be eliminated, so that you can save more. Use a software or money kits to guide you along the way. (Please visit to have an idea on how a money kit works)

You might have some outstanding debts, or even current debts with credit cards or loans. Those things are not really recommended. But just in case you’re already in this situation, your next step should be to pay it all off. You cannot save anything if credit interests are running. The good news is, when you’ve paid it off, then you will now have extra money to use to begin saving for your future.

This is the most important goal that you need to start working on, the moment you start earning. Jobs are just temporary. Sooner or later, you’ll get old, just like everybody else, and will need to stop working. Expenses will keep on increasing over time. Having savings will put less pressure on how you will survive during your retirement years.

Surround yourself with people who can make an impact on your life and will be of great influence to you.


With Chinkee Tan
After that seminar, I started researching about saving and investing. I watched videos about stocks, mutual funds, UITFs and most especially VULs. I started to entertain insurance agents, and financial advisors na dati ay seenzoned. I now have 2 VULs and BDO UITF invested in Equities. And the best thing is, I am now a Financial Advisor! I still buy makeups and other kikay thingys for my reviews. Coz I earn from this blog after all. I reward myself occasionally for my hardwork but saving is now my top priority. 

I think the biggest lesson is that you cannot buy all the beauty this world has to offer. You don’t need to spend thousands of pesos only to end up broke and miserable. Don’t put your faith on how you look, just put your faith in your abilities and how you can improve your self-confidence! You should focus on the internal rather than the external. You don't have to buy everything just for the sake of showing off. At the end of the day when you take your “mask” off, you’re going to be left with yourself and the people who truly loves you and accepts you for who you are. YOU are your best asset. You need to protect it so you and your family will survive in case the worst happens. SAVE. INVEST. PROTECT.

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