Celeteque Hydration Travel Kit Review

by - Saturday, October 22, 2016

Finding the right skincare products can be frustrating, I've been a Ponds user for a very long time, from facial wash to toners and creams. It has always been my basic skincare brand since I discovered kaartehan. Trying a new product scares me but somehow a girl should explore...

While I was in Watsons last month, I saw this traveler's kit and I thought this might work for me. Celeteque is a trusted and known brand so I did not hesitate to pick it on the counter. The packaging is small and can serve as a tester for me. This is more economical than buying the full size because I still don't know what to expect from the product.

This kit can last up to 3 weeks when used everyday. Price: P149

It has a cute and simple packaging since it's just trial kit. The size is suitable for people who travels a lot. Each bottle contains 25ml, so it's perfect for storing in your small suitcase/bag. 

Facial Wash:
Using this makes me feel like I have a healthy and baby soft skin. Its effect is the same as my good old ponds pearl cleansing gel so this might be a good replacement.

Toner: It was my first time to use an alcohol-free toner meaning, no stingy feeling like the ponds toner that I regularly use. I was really surprised about the cleansing power of this one, I feel like it kinda removed all the dirt in my face because the cotton balls were full of libag (dirt).

I never really used moisturizer before but I notice that as I age, my skin tends to become drier. And moisturizing should now be a regular part of my skincare regimen. This moisturizer is odorless. It's like water with a very light and hydrating effect on my skin. It is good as a primer too, and can be used as a makeup base.

Overall, I was surprised by this kit especially given the very affordable price. It really does wonders on my skin especially when I feel like having a break from whitening products. I will definitely buy the full size.

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